PUBLISHED: August 2016


[FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME], COUI Has a New Phone and Fax Number!

Big Changes Coming For COUI


Please note the new combined phone and fax line for Children: Our Ultimate Investment (COUI): (818) 332-3008. Our old (323) phone and fax numbers will be disconnected soon.


Our Board of Directors recently decided that COUI become a volunteer run organization at the beginning of 2017. This is an effort to minimize operating expenses so that any support we receive will go almost exclusively toward actualizing our mission and programs.

In addition to your generous support, COUI has been consistently applying for 3-5 grants per month for several years now; however with so many non-profits applying for the same grants, not all applications are approved, and we strive to continue Laura Huxley's vision and benefit our program participants in the most efficient way, but also optimize your support as donors.

Your support is more important than ever to keep COUI programs running strong.

Financial Literacy program:

  • $200 = one student's education about effectively managing their financial future.
  • $100 = four financial literacy student workbooks.

Please know that any support you are able to offer is greatly appreciated, so please check our website support page to review the many ways you can support COUI - some of them are even free!

Volunteers Needed:
If you are interested in supporting COUI as a volunteer, please contact us.


Thanks to the generosity of the Irma Ceunis and Simone Wynant Foundation, we received a grant to support our new financial literacy program with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

We partner with the LAPD's Van Nuys division Jeopardy program, and recently certified approximately 30 kids (aged 9 - 14 years old) in the program. The Jeopardy progam is an after school program which gives kids a place to be while their parents might still be at work, and it's a great place for them to learn respecful interactions as well as receive some help with their homework / school work.

We are honored to be able to add our program to their initiative. We're improving our curriculum and moving forward with the program, and we are excited about the prospect of implementation with additional LAPD divisions.

With your support, we look forward to being able to share future progress with you about this program and partnership in the coming months!


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