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With Summer break upon us, schedules are busy. Children are out of school and parents are hustling to make summer plans... I considered waiting until September to send out our next newsletter, especially since many of you gave us so much support just last month by voting for us on State Farm's Neighborhood Assist program, but I had an epiphany due to a terrifying event and suddenly felt moved to reach out to you all right away!

Last week I found myself unable to leave my home because the police had blocked off my street - no one in or out. A man in my neighborhood was jumping rooftops with an assault riffle in hand. About seven schools in the North Hollywood area were put on lockdown for hours - children scared and parents frantic with worry. Everyone in my neighborhood was watching the news from 10am to 4pm until they finally arrested the man who had eventually barricaded himself in some unsuspecting person's empty home. Thankfully no one was injured or killed!

Only a week before this happened, our Board President, Elizebeth Crawford shared with me her experience of having been at a nearby restaurant at the very moment sirens wailed during the aftermath of the UCSB shooting. That young man left 13 injured, 7 dead, including himself, and a frightening 137 page mass murder manifesto in his email.

I am sure you also heard recently about the Las Vegas cops who were shot while eating lunch at a Pizza joint. One of these police officers left behind three children, the other, a newborn baby. The husband and wife perpetrators then went on to a nearby Walmart and killed a civilian who tried to defuse the situation. In the end, the wife perpetrator shot and killed her husband before turning the gun on herself.

I am dumbfounded! These things are happening in our back yards - not just in obscure parts of the world that I feel safe from. I can't help but wonder if these events would have happened if those injured souls had learned the tools we teach in our Teens and Toddlers program. Skills for communication, listening, accepting differences in others, managing unruly anger responses... I feel we need T&T more now than ever before. Imagine a world where people deal with their frustrations without guns - or even fists!

I implore you, help us change things for our children. How terrifying must it be to live in this world as a three year old, five year old, or even a 10 year old when we as parents feel we need to keep a tough skin and live cautiously everywhere we go, otherwise we (or our children) could end up at the other end of someone's wrath for reasons unknown?!

Please, send a donation today so that we can expand awareness and build a foundation for teens to create healthy relationships before they hit a breaking point with nowhere to turn. Let's keep our children safe!

We know money may be tight, so below you can find another free way for you to support COUI!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Wishing you all the best,

Karen Pfeiffer, Executive Director
Children: Our Ultimate Investment

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