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PUBLISHED: May, 2012


Children: Our Ultimate Investment

Special Edition Newsletter 2012


Dear Friend,

May marks National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, and we are doing our part to spread the word and help the cause of awareness and prevention with a COUI special call-to-action and goal. We have identified another secondary high school within Los Angeles county that wants to implement COUI's Teens and Toddlers (T&T) program. We are excited by the possibility of being able to support more at-risk adolescents with pregnancy prevention, STDs as well as child development education and planning.

However, to do this we need your support. Funding is the only issue stopping us from expansion. Our goal is to raise $20,000.00 within the month of May to provide our services where they are needed the most. Over the years at COUI we have made great strides to see to it that at-risk teens are educated about their reproductive health to help them make alternative choices to becoming parents before they are truly ready to take on this responsibility.

The cost to sponsor one at-risk teen through the T&T program is $870.00 for the year. Not much money at all when you think about how much you pay per year for your cell phone and cable bills, in addition to cups of coffee, and dining out. But to a T&T enrolled student, $870.00 gives them the proper tools to make conscious decisions about their reproductive health that can affect the rest of their lives.

Think of it this way, a gift of $75 per month, sponsors one student for the year;

$100 contribution pays for an entire year of snacks for students;

$150 donation completely underwrites one program graduation ceremony.

We have provided links above to donate via Pay Pal or Network for Good, and we accept contributions via check as well, mailed to the address below.

Your input and contribution over the years has been priceless. Please continue to help champion the voices of our youth who truly need to be heard and deserve a proper start in life. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for your support,

Children: Our Ultimate Investment

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