Laura Huxley, Founder

As the founder of CHILDREN: OUR ULTIMATE INVESTMENT (COUI), the late Laura Huxley dedicated her life to advocating for the rights of children. Her unwavering conviction and personal mission was to see to it that the smallest and most vulnerable among us are heard and respected. Creating a nurturing and loving environment prior to birth, though seems simple and natural to do, is not always the case for children left orphaned and displaced by personal family tragedies, as Laura Huxley witnessed for herself. After a visit to an orphanage, Laura was struck by infants who needed human touch and comfort, not only to survive, but also for their social development. Convinced that there was a correlation between the need for a nurturing environment and a child's ability to reach their full potential, she set out to make a difference by establishing CHILDREN: OUR ULTIMATE INVESTMENT.

Throughout the years, Laura Huxley received acclaim for her humanitarian accomplishments and writings, including an honorary doctorate degree of Human Services from Sierra University, Honoree of the United Nations, Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Preventics, and Honoree of the World Health Foundation for Development and Peace, from which she received the Peace Prize in 1990.

In December 2003, the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health honored Laura Huxley with the Thomas R. Verny award, for outstanding contributions to the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology both as an author and as the founder of CHILDREN: OUR ULTIMATE INVESTMENT.

As an author Laura penned numerous books and articles including, “You Are Not The Target,” the best selling self-help book about transforming negativity into positive action, “Between Heaven and Earth,” “One A Day Reason To Be Happy,” “Children: Our Ultimate Investment,” a book about this organization, and “The Child of Your Dreams,” which she co-authored with Dr. Piero Ferrucci, psychotherapist, author and philosopher.

In addition, toward the end of her Life, Laura wrote, with the help of Dr. Piero Ferrucci, a short book, “Let’s Die Healthy,” in which she distilled her main learnings in the art of living. After finishing it, and discovering she had cancer, Laura added an Appendix, “Let’s Die Healthy Even When Sick.” This book was considered too short by her publisher, Farrar Strauss, and by others, so it was never published during her life, however plans have since been made to publish this book on Lulu.

To purchase Laura’s books, please visit our Huxley Books page. A percentage of proceeds from book sales on this site will directly help support Children: Our Ultimate Investment.

To learn more about Laura, please visit A percentage of the proceeds from books sold on Mrs. Huxley's site will directly help support Children: Our Ultimate Investment.

Teen works with Toddler


One-On-One Interaction Makes A Difference

This innovative work-study program gives teenagers work experience, a sense of accomplishment, and provides consistent results.

Graduates of the program have learned ‘real world’ skills, are able to make responsible decisions based upon critical thinking, and begin making alternative choices and become productive members of society. Some of the program advantages include the following:

  • Postponing of pregnancy for work skills and career advancement
  • Increased interest in learning
  • A new-found sense of self-confidence, respect for themselves and others
  • The ability to make informed choices based upon their own decisions and not through peer pressure
  • Education of STDs and awareness of sexual responsibility helps reduce personal crises, social stressors, and burden to taxpayers, government social services and public assistance programs
  • Lower truancy and crime rates based on having productive activities and choices, and tools for creating healthy interpersonal relationships


The Teens & Toddlers teenage pregnancy prevention program was established by Laura Huxley (1911-2007), founder of Children: Our Ultimate Investment (COUI , to give at- risk-youth first-hand experience and knowledge of the challenges faced in raising a child before making this life-changing decision.

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