Teen helps toddlers resolve conflict

Continuation of COUI’s Teens & Toddlers program is in jeopardy of elimination due to California's statewide budget cuts. California's current financial crisis directly impacts this foundation's ability to provide educational guidance and choices for at-risk-teens to reach their full potential.

Your donation will solidify current operations and allow us to expand the campaign to designated areas of Los Angeles that are cited as needing the program the most. The ability to help our youth become productive citizens of society is not only possible, but also an important component of our moral obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


...some without spending a dime!

  • Sign up with KidCents program and round up your Rite Aid purchases to be donated to COUI (find instructions on our News page).
  • Raise money for COUI just by searching the Internet using Goodsearch (powered by Yahoo), shopping online at Goodshop or dining at a restaurant in the Gooddining network.
  • Become a COUI Circle of Friends Member;
  • Make automatic monthly donations through PayPal. Your contribution will add up;
  • Is it your birthday? Create your own fundraiser on Crowdrise and have your friends donate to COUI in lieu of birthday gifts;
  • Now you can help support COUI by purchasing Huxley books through our bookstore;
  • If you would like to consider COUI in your estate planning, Contact us;
  • Become a volunteer - opportunities are listed on the right side of our "News" page;
  • Write a positive review for us on Great Nonprofits;
  • Spread the word about COUI on your blog or newsletter. Encouraging positive media of any kind about us helps tremendously;
  • Do you have access to possible program locations? Contact us! As we strive to expand, we continue to look for potential partners;
  • Do you have in-kind donations that you might like to donate - such as event locations, supplies (paper, office equipment, etc.), gift cards for student incentives, etc.? Contact us!
  • Don't forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

No contribution is too small. Every effort goes a long way!


The average cost to sponsor one at-risk teen through the T&T program is $870.00 for the year. Not much money at all when we think about how much we pay per year for our cell phone or cable bills, in addition to cups of coffee, and dining out. But to a T&T enrolled student, $870.00 gives them the proper tools to begin making conscious choices that will affect the rest of their lives.

Think of it this way:

$75 per month, sponsors one student for the year;

$100 contribution pays for snacks for students for the year;

$150 donation completely underwrites one program graduation ceremony.

So, set up an automatic monthly donation to COUI through Paypal now, and know that you are contributing to the overall well-being of future generations.


Please consider becoming a COUI Circle of Friends Member. Details are listed here.


Please consider CHILDREN: OUR ULTIMATE INVESTMENT (COUI) in your estate planning for a charitable contribution.

Your financial advisor can structure the best options for you and your family on how to set up a Charitable Trust, Charitable Remainder Trust, as well as offer other gift giving options to help you maximize your estate planning strategies. Give yourself the peace of mind a legacy can offer by becoming a COUI Angel Donor.

To find out more ways you can contribute to Children: Our Ultimate Investment (COUI), please contact us.


Please help COUI continue its efforts in educating at-risk youth on teen pregnancy prevention, continued education and job opportunities. See our Circle of Friends.

We accept credit cards through PayPal.
Please consider automatic monthly donations.

Round up your Rite Aide purchases for COUI

Round up your Rite Aid purchases to be given to COUI!

Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!

Name COUI as your favorite charity on Goodsearch, use it as your search engine, and they will donate to COUI for every search.

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Help us fundraise by setting up your own COUI fundraiser, or just send a donation through Crowdrise.
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Donate to COUI via Network for Good, a third party organization. Please consider automatic monthly donations.

Please consider writing a review for us here.


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Laura Huxley, Founder
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COUI Board of Directors
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